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AI & Machine Learning | Healthcare IT | Software & IT Infrastructure

De-Risk Hiring

Raising standards for recruitment

We place top-tier talent with companies and leaders who expect more from their employees. Our clients understand their personal careers and the success of their business rests precariously on the quality of the team they’ve built. They know having a “pretty good team” is settling and just a kind way of saying “average.”

When you work with us, you’re not just growing your team, you’re planting a flag in the ground that says, “My team is a reflection of me, and I am a leader worthy of the best.”

Trusted By

Fisher Investments
Cambia Health Solutions
Erie Home
Health Insights
Wieden and Kennedy

Unmatched At Matching

Skills matching is for robots

Team matching is for humans

Each of our recruiters possess 16,000 to 45,000 hours of recruiting experience. A statistic unmatched in our field. We are relationship builders to the core, trained in lie detection, personality assessment, human behavior, and even microfacial expression analysis.

Every candidate is screened by phone and by video and we share our personal insights, not just resume highlights.

We attract the top 10% of professionals

We cut through this hectic recruiter noise by utilizing cutting-edge tools, including persistent and engaging messaging campaigns. More importantly, it’s our voice in the ecosystem that has created the community of experts we share with you.

How We Can Help?

Direct Hire & Contract Placement

Customized Candidate Profiling

We collaborate with you to precisely define the ideal candidate, focusing on specific roles, skill sets, and experience levels crucial for the success of your business or project. 

Strategic Negotiation and Support

From negotiating employment offers to conducting post-placement quality check-ins, we’re with you every step to ensure a seamless and successful hiring experience.

Insightful Market Intelligence

Benefit from our deep market insights, including candidate feedback, industry trends, competitive landscape analyses, and strategic advisory recommendations. This ensures you stay informed and ahead in the hiring process.

Senior Recruitment Oversight

Each recruitment effort is spearheaded by a senior recruiter with at least eight years of specialized tech recruiting experience. This guarantees every candidate is meticulously vetted to exceed your standards.

Industries We Serve

IT Infrastructure and Cybersecurity

Fortify cybersecurity and streamline IT operations with our elite technology professionals. Our cybersecurity experts, from ethical hackers to incident responders, safeguard against evolving threats. Skilled system administrators, network engineers, and cloud architects ensure a robust, scalable infrastructure aligned with best practices for seamless operations. Our candidates enable cutting-edge technologies while maintaining robust security and operational efficiency.

AI & Machine Learning Talent Solutions

Unlock the power of AI with our elite engineers and data scientists. Our professionals are skilled in deep learning, NLP, computer vision, and reinforcement learning, driving innovation and tackling complex challenges. Whether building predictive models, optimizing processes, or extracting insights from big data, our candidates transform your business with cutting-edge, data-driven solutions.

Healthcare Technology Talent Acquisition

Revolutionize healthcare delivery with our top-tier healthcare IT professionals. From EHR specialists and medical device engineers to data analysts and biostatisticians, our candidates drive digital transformation and enable data-driven decision-making to keep your organization at the forefront of technological advancements and efficiency.

Experience & results

by the numbers


consecutive years; not a single placed employee has been fired


years of combined recruiting experience


lower attrition rate than industry average

Our Guarantees


We Protect Your Time

We operate at the tempo of the market, even if that means speeding you up or slowing you down.

We only share top candidates who need to be interviewed—no fluff, no time wasters, and no ‘average.’


We Protect Your Cash Flow

Our unique pay-as-you-go model allows you to invest in the team of your dreams faster without exposing your cash unnecessarily.


We Protect You

In the last five years, not a single placed employee has been fired. Our extended guarantees are designed to give you peace of mind. However, it’s our ability to attract top candidates and take time to understand your needs that truly de-risks your hiring.

The Pink Laundry Manifesto

What do recruitment and laundry have in common? It turns out quite a bit! Just like how one red sock can turn a whole load of whites pink, one bad hire can disrupt an entire organization. This effect—which we call the “pink laundry effect”—goes beyond just a dip in productivity. It can impact company culture and team morale and risk the loss of valued employees.

At Endeavor Staffing, we’re all about identifying those “red socks” before they make it into your team’s cycle. With over 45 years of combined experience and nearly 30,000 interviews conducted, we’ve fine-tuned our approach to ensure only the best fit for your company’s culture and technical needs.

But how do we do it? It’s about listening, interpreting responses, and employing radical candor to dig deeper than most dare to.

Hear it from our clients


After multiple attempts to fill positions and coming up short, I reached out to Endeavor Staffing. They are dedicated, available, and give me top-notch candidates. I hired several folks that they put in front of me. I would work with Endeavor Staffing again in a heartbeat!

Julia Moffitt
Julia Moffitt
VP, Project Delivery
Jolt Consulting

Josh has placed a number of highly skilled, outstanding performers with Kroger. His ability to find exceptional candidates far exceeds the performance of other Technical Staffing agencies. He is the first person I reach out to locate qualified candidates and is almost always the only resource necessary.

Vincent Carpenter
Vincent Carpenter
Senior Technology Manager

Josh and the team are outstanding partners. They are fast, organized, and thoughtful in partnering with us on our search. We landed a great candidate that made an immediate impact.

Ed Ludwigson
Ed Ludwigson
VP Management Operations

Endeavor Staffing has been exceptional. They understand our needs and consistently send candidates who are not just qualified but also a great fit for our culture. Their focus on matching the right person to the right role has made hiring easier and more effective. I wholeheartedly recommend them.

Nikolai Balba
Nikolai Balba
Aquiva Labs

Partnership. That’s what to expect when you work with Josh and the team. A lot of recruiters are transactional, but they truly invest in the success of our business. We view them as an extension of the team and critical to our growth.

Joe Faires
Joe Faires
VP of Professional Services
Galvin Technologies

I had the opportunity to work with Endeavor Staffing multiple times. Having worked with a number of firms over the years, it was such a pleasure to finally have a true partnership. They understand our needs and deliver the right talent time and time again!

Suzette Spears
Suzette Spears
Director of Talent Acquisition
ATG, a Cognizant Company

Endeavor Staffing provided an experience unlike anything I had ever experienced. From their deep knowledge of Salesforce, they understood what I was looking for and how my strengths aligned with their pool of employers. I would 10/10 recommend them to any candidates seeking their next Salesforce role.

Aaron Madow Greenberg
Aaron Madow Greenberg
4x Salesforce and Tableau Certified Professional